Got a great startup that needs funding?

First Cut Startup Challenge

The First Cut Startup Challenge finds New Zealand’s next great young founder and puts them on the country’s biggest investment stage.

First place will receive the opportunity of a lifetime for a young startup: taking the stage at the ICE Angels Annual Showcase – NZ’s largest investment evening – to pitch in front of 1,000 investors. Spots are highly competitive, having been an effective tool for dozens of companies to raise >$30m to date for alumni like PowerbyProxiAvertanaHalterEthiqueNyriad, and Sharesies – among others.

To prepare you, the winner will also receive extensive support and pitch training from the First Cut team as well as connections to investors and mentors from NZ’s largest angel investor and entrepreneur network. Previous winners include Jrny, Halter and
Spalk who have raised >$1m from investors introduced by the Showcase, and raised >$5m in total.

Entrants must be under 30 years old.

Application Tips

Here are some key questions to think about including in your entry:

•    What is the customer’s pain point, and how do you solve it?
•    Why is the timing right for your startup? Is there a trend emerging that gives you a first-
      mover advantage?
•    Do you have unique intellectual property or know-how that puts you ahead?
•    What is the addressable market and who are your early customers?
•    What is your business model?
•    How are you going to scale?
•    ​Who is the competition? How can you beat them?

If you’ve just started your business or are still very small, work on building up your company to impress investors. This could mean hunting down early customers or continuing to develop a killer product.

If your startup is already established, think about ways to grow, pushing up revenue, customers or the defensibility of your offering.

If you’ve got any questions or want to get some quick feedback on your application before you send it in, please get in touch with us to book a 15-20 minute Skype session with First Cut Ventures. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and give you a hand.

How to Apply

Entries for the 2019 Startup Challenge are now open!

We’re looking for startups that will attract investment from some of the top angel investors in New Zealand. You need to sell us on what makes your startup unique, exciting and viable. To enter you’ll have to submit your pitch deck. You may include supporting materials in your application. 

Send your entry to FCV Partner Steph Benseman.

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