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First Cut III

Young founders are closer to new trends, harness boundless ambition, and stretch small amounts of capital further. First Cut exists to back them.
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Icehouse Ventures' is NZ's most active seed stage investor. Our activity helps uncover new founders first and navigate the ambiguity of backing startups at the outset. First Cut's previous funds accessed the early rounds of Ethique, Spalk, Halter, Sharesies, and Dawn Aerospace.
Values Aligned
First Cut, and the founders we back, are on a mission to define the future of NZ of our planet whether they're decarbonising energy systems, enabling cleaner farming, ridding the world of plastic, or democratising financial security. First Cut backs the next generation of founders to improve the lives of the entire next generation globally.
Impactful Support
Icehouse Ventures' leverages the scale of our team, investor and founder communities, and existing portfolio to empower young founders. We augment their journey with best-practice templates, examples, perks, resources and a large, engaged and relevant community that support founders to thrive.
“As a first time deep tech entrepreneur, I’ve valued having a partner like Icehouse Ventures. They hosted me at their Showcase, supported me with First Cut, led my $700k seed round, and helped me connect with key target customers."
Emily Blythe

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IV Term Sheet Template
Updated 21st March 2021
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Updated 21st March 2021

Is this fund for you?

First Cut III is a fund for investors who are interested in backing aspiring young entrepreneurs attempting to build iconic and globally impactful companies. First Cut offers:
A portfolio 20-30 companies founded by entrepreneurs under 30.
Immersive two-monthly reporting.
Access to our Online Investor Portal.
Invitations to annual dinners and our Showcase.
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