Our objective is to align a large and diverse community of investors to a common cause: investing in and supporting amazing New Zealand tech companies. A diverse community has diverse investment preferences and philosophies. To cater to this, we offer broad variety of fund strategies.
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IV Seed Fund III
OPEN  | Stage: Early | Min: $50k | 20-30 companies

IV Seed Fund III is Icehouse Ventures cornerstone seed fund that invests in New Zealand's most promising technology startups at the early stage. Over the past five years dozens of New Zealand startups have grown into $100m+ and $1b+ businesses. The next generation is poised to be the largest, boldest, and most experienced New Zealand's ever seen.

ArcAngels Fund II
OPEN  | Stage: Early | Min: $50k | 50 companies

ArcAngels invests exclusively in New Zealand startups with female leadership. International data supports the argument that female-led companies can do more with less and deliver better outcomes. Our experience so far supports this.

First Cut Fund III
CLOSED | Stage: Early | Min: $50k | 20-30 companies

First Cut invests exclusively in founders under the age of 30. First Cut’s thesis is that you founders are closer to new trends, benefit from boundless ambition, and stretch capital further. First Cut primarily invests in Pre-Seed (<$1m) and Seed Rounds (<$5m).

Sustainable Tech Fund
OPEN  | Stage: Early | Min: $1M | 20-40 companies

The Sustainable Tech Fund invests in disruptive New Zealand startups that can amplify sustainability as an outcome of their core business.

CLOSED  | Stages: Early & Growth | Min: $250k | 10 companies

Eden is an active early stage fund that invests in a concentrated portfolio of 10 companies. It takes a hands-on approach, prefers to lead rounds, and concentrates much of its capital in follow on rounds.

CLOSED  | Stage: Early | Min: $50k | 30-40 companies

Tuhua is our primary active seed-stage fund. It leads rounds from $500k-$3m and co-invests with other prominent lead investors. Tuhua deploys most of its capital prior in the first few rounds raised by startups.

IVX Fund I
CLOSED  | Stage: Growth | 20-30 companies

IVX invests in established and emerging tech companies. Rather than investing in the earliest startup rounds, it begins investing in a small subset of startups that achieve commercial and technical milestones and successfully raise Series A rounds ($5m+).

CLOSED  | Stage: Early | Min: $50k | 20-30 companies

Outset Ventures I is a deep tech fund in partnership with Outset, the home of Rocket Lab, Lanzatech, Mint Innovation, and many others and the only purpose built lab space of its kind in New Zealand.

CLOSED  | Stages: Early | Min: $50k | 20 companies

Flux invests in brave founders from day one and is often the first investor. Flux takes a hands on approach to help budding startups to build & execute a plan, grow their team, and raise further capital.

CLOSED  | Stages: Early & Growth | Min: $50k | 100 companies

IV100 co-invests alongside 100 startups led by Icehouse Ventures’ active funds, angels, and co-investors. IV100 provides unprecedented diversification and the opportunity to learn from, track, and invest further in individual companies.

OPEN  | Pre Seed  |  Min. Investment $50,000

IVX is a later-stage fund, investing in companies at Series A-D. Leveraging access and information created by Icehouse Ventures’ early-stage funds, IVX is uniquely positioned to deploy capital into New Zealand’s most exciting scale-ups.

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First Cut III
OPEN  | Pre Seed - Series A |  Min. Investment $50,000

First Cut fund invests exclusively in founders under the age of 30. The First Cut thesis is built upon the idea that young founders are closer to new technology and benefit from unencumbered ambition. The fund invests primarily in the first rounds but can follow on to Series A.

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"For New Zealand to be successful we need more businesses scaling internationally. An active angel investor since 2015, I have built a portfolio of companies that are working on innovative solutions to address local and global issues from repurposing waste, to improving productivity using technology. Empowering our female founders to access capital is also a major focus."
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