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Investing in exceptional early-stage NZ startups with global opportunities.
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For nearly twenty years, we have invested in and supported New Zealand's bravest entrepreneurs.

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Why IV Seed?

Visionary founders around the world- and at all times- are building solutions, platforms, and products that will define the world we live in for generations to come.

Many of these founders and their companies are in New Zealand.

Over the past five years dozens of New Zealand startups have grown into $100m+ and $1b+ businesses. These include Sharesies, Halter, and First AML who we backed when they first started. A few have sold or IPO'd and a number are still operating privately.

The next generation is poised to be the largest, boldest, and most experienced New Zealand's ever seen. They will also be the  most sought-after. As one of New Zealand's oldest, largest, and most-active seed stage investors, Icehouse Ventures will be a key player in investing in and supporting the most promising entrepreneurs from the most promising generation.

IV Seed Fund III is your opportunity to join us as we invest in 30-40 startups over the next three to four years.

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