IVX invests in established and growing NZ tech companies. By contrast to our early stage funds, IVX invests in companies that are typically three to five years old, have established teams and boards, commercial traction, and validation of a large and growing opportunity.
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Icehouse Ventures has been the most active early stage investor in New Zealand for many years. This has created a proprietary pipeline of >200 emerging companies for IVX to evaluate and invest in.

Why invest in IVX?

IVX has access to some of New Zealand’s most sought-after emerging tech companies. Why? Because Icehouse Ventures is often the first investor in these emerging tech companies many years prior. Our long duration relationships give us unique information and pre-emptive rights to invest further as they scale.
IVX is not investing in concepts or seed-stage startups. It invests in a small subset of the New Zealand startups that achieve technical and commercial milestones that merit venture-stage funding rounds ($5m+). Importantly, a significant proportion of IVX’s capital is reserved for further investment in portfolio companies that achieve milestones and merit further capital for growth.
Due diligence processes for new investors are too often time- and information-constrained. IVX has the unique benefit of having long-duration relationships with the companies we invest in. In many cases, Series A capital raises take place three to five years after we first invested. The result is our decisions are based on more context, longitudinal insights, and deeper knowledge.

Is this fund for you?

IVX is a fund for investors who are interested in backing emerging New Zealand tech companies only after they have emerged from the earliest and riskiest stages of their businesses. IVX offers:
A portfolio 20-30 emerging tech companies.
Companies that are already three to five years old.
Immersive two-monthly reporting.
Access to our Online Investor Portal.
Co-investment opportunities in companies you like.
Invitations to annual dinners and our Showcase.

Current IVX Investments

Icehouse Ventures Investor Portal

Monitor your portfolio, read company updates and download investment statements. You can check your portfolio any time. The Icehouse Ventures investor portal brings professional investor-grade portfolio analysis to the early-stage asset class.