Tuhua is a fund that invests in New Zealand's leading startups. Through the partnership with The Icehouse and the Ice Angels it enables Tuhua to provide an unprecedented amount of resource and support to startups.  


Tuhua is the Maori word for volcanic glass. It was a prized tool used for hunting in New Zealand and has a rich history with the earliest known blades dating back to 700,000 BC. Well-crafted obsidian blades can have a cutting edge many times sharper than high-quality steel surgical scalpels. Our fund is all about giving entrepreneurs the tools for the hunt.


Investments include: Avertana, Nyriad, 90 Seconds, Sunfed, Qotient, Spoke, IMeasureU (acquired by LSE: OMG), TNX, Tradify, Halter, Latipay, Parrot Analytics, Upside Bio, Mint, Spalk, Jude, Cirrus, Uproar, Genoapay (acquired by Latitude FS), Melodics, Sharesies, Rocos, Lanaco, Joyous, Freight Fish, Circular Plastics, Dawn Aerospace, and Jasper.

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