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Icehouse Ventures manages a variety of funds including First Cut Ventures, a fund that invests solely in founders 30 and under, Icehouse 100, an index-style fund that provides investors exposure to 100 startups that are funded by Icehouse Ventures, and Eden Ventures, a fund powered by New Zealand-based high net worth Chinese entrepreneurs and business leaders. We will also soon be launching a fund that invests across 20 female-led startups. Below are the current opportunities for wholesale investors to get involved.


Flux is a seed fund and accelerator aspiring to build the ultimate place to start a high-growth, venture backed company in New Zealand by providing the capital, connections and capability that ambitious founders need to build a globally scalable business.


Flux Fund 1 backed a cohort of six companies and returned the entire fund from a single exit. The remaining five investments have an aggregate holding value of 3x the original fund. Flux Fund 2 has backed twelve companies to date with an aggregate holding value of ~1.7x. A number of Flux Fund 2 companies have gone on to raise capital from high calibre investors including Founders Fund, M7 Real Estate (a €4.7b AUM property fund), iFlytek (a ~$15b market-cap listed AI company), and the founders of Pushpay. 


Flux Fund 3 is raising up to $2m to invest in up to 16-companies over 2020 and 2021.



Ice Angels is a network of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and professional investors, that invest in and supports exceptional teams exploiting global opportunities. Our mission is to connect willing and active investors with high potential New Zealand start ups in order to facilitate their funding and success. Ice Angels have invested in more than 150 start-ups spanning titanium extraction, smart inhalers, super computing, mobile apps, robotics, wireless power, and even solid shampoo. 

The Ice Angels network is designed to enable passionate investors to collaboratively identify, review, invest in, and support high potential start ups. The network comes together one evening per month for presentations by up to 5 startups. Investors with common interest in start-ups collaborate on due diligence, negotiations, and investment (typically $10-50k/ investor, $250k-1m/company.) Individuals ultimately make their own investment decisions. 
If you are interested in learning more about being a member, get in contact.


Arc Angels Fund 1 is a passive- index-style fund that will invest alongside Arc Angels and other lead investors into twenty female-led startups. Arc Angels Fund 1 is raising up to $2m with the intention of increasing capital availability for female entrepreneurs and enabling investors to easily diversify into this sub-set of early-stage New Zealand companies.


Arc Angels Fund is founded on the insight that female-led startups attract less capital than all-male-led startups both locally and internationally, despite international research suggesting they generate higher returns to investors.