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We exist to back brave founders from day one. We can invest from pre-seed through to IPO and have $250m in assets under management to support our portfolio companies.
Raise capital
Raise capital

We've been investing in Kiwi founders building global companies since 2003. In this time we have backed over 300 companies including PowerbyProxi, FirstAML, Narrative, Halter and Sharesies.

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View Portfolio

We've been investing in Kiwi founders building global companies since 2003. In this time we have backed over 300 companies including PowerbyProxi, FirstAML, Narrative, Halter and Sharesies.

View Portfolio
View Portfolio

What do we invest in?

We look for founders with deep domain expertise who aspire to build global companies that can change an industry. We've invested in all kinds of ventures from new chemical processes extracting gold from e-waste, to solar-powered collars that are changing the future of farming, and software to help all New Zealanders' access the public stock market.

We typically invest in the first round, that is where we are most comfortable, but we have the ability to continue investing all the way to IPO.

Our Philosophy

We believe in founders to make the best decisions for their companies. Our large network of investors are available to garner insights, resources, and introductions that help our portfolio companies compete and win. We share our insights and give honest feedback for entrepreneurs to take or leave and don't perceive ourselves to have special abilities to set the strategy or be a board member that must "chip in". We are a high volume early-stage investor that exists to support Kiwi entrepreneurs taking on the world. We aren't in it for a quick buck. We invest at day one and are in it with the founders until the end - be it triumph or disaster (learning). We know that startups are risky and hard. We respect the grit, drive and boldness it takes to start something new, challenge a status quo, take on the world and win.

A step by step picture


You can reach out to our investment team at any time. Our raise form is the easiest way to introduce your idea or venture to us. Alternatively founders and investors within our network introduce us to promising companies. We'll then contact you to schedule a call or meeting to learn more about what you're working on.


First Meeting
In our first meeting we like to hear the story that led to the idea. A typical pitch will cover details on how this solution will improve the lives of your customers when it's achieving its mission, the size of the market and a plan on how you envision building this company. This meeting is also a chance for us to share what we do, how we work and how we might be able to help your company if we were to invest.


Second Meeting
We value your time and aim to make quick decisions on whether your company is a good fit with our internal investment criteria. The outcome of the first meeting is either a prompt no or we'll organise another meeting with our wider investment team and if appropriate, experts in our network for what we call a deep dive. This session is a chance for us to learn and discuss the key areas that we see as opportunties and challenges.


Deep Dive
By this point, we will have some strong conviction on the aspects of your company and team that we really like, and an idea of the challenges we see. A deep dive is generally a 2-3 hour focused session where we focus on the 3-4 key topics that we want to understand more about your business or market.


Term Sheet
A term sheet outlines the basic terms and conditions that apply to the investment being made. From the time we give the company a term sheet it takes around 2-4 weeks to negotiate the investment documents and complete the investment transaction. Once we have a signed term sheet, we work with the company to syndicate other investors.


Investment Documents
Generally we lead rounds with 30%-50% of the capital required for the round, then we syndicate with other investors to fill the round. This means the company has a broader pool of investors that could bring value to the company and provide follow on capital. This process is done alongside term sheet negotiation.
"From day one the Icehouse Ventures team have helped us unlock potential in our business. Not only providing funding but also their vast international network of connections. There's no better partner for building a successful global business from NZ."
David Inggs


IV Term Sheet Template
Updated 21st March 2021
IV Pitch Deck Template
Updated 21st March 2021
NZ Venture Capital Landscape Overview
Investment Readiness Flowchart

How we add value

We invest, then support and connect to ensure founders and their teams have the optimal foundations for success. Whether it be hiring talent, expanding into new markets or raising another round, the Icehouse Ventures team and our wider network are accessible to our portfolio companies for all kinds of requests. Our primary resources / value add can be characterised as:
Help recruiting a team of A players
Our network of investors
Founder community
Resources and guidance from our team
Follow on capital

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