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This chart is designed to help you understand if Venture Capital investment is the best thing for your startup right now or what other support is available for idea and company growth.

A step by step process

Follow the below flowchart to understand what you've nailed and what gaps you might need to work on before raising venture capital investment.


Solving a problem
Can you articulate the problem you are trying to solve from your users' perspective within a few sentences?

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Idea validation
Are you confident that you have a unique solution that addresses the problem for your users?

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Have you designed or built a prototype that gives you confidence that your solution would work?

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User validation
Do you have strong validation that there's a need for what you're doing? Examples of validation include revenue, customer commitment e.g. signed letters of intent, user signups, product or platform usage and/or thorough market research.

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Founder knowledge
Does your team have exceptionally unique expertise that will help specifically in solving this problem? This article on Emily Blythe, founder of Pyper Vision is the perfect example of a founder with unique experience.

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Scalable market
Do you have clear evidence that a growing market exists for a $100m+ revenue company in this industry?

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Have you defined a set of critical objectives and milestones to achieve over the next 12-18 months?

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Financial forecast
Have you determined how much those objectives will cost to achieve?

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Capital and support
Is lack of capital or particular expertise holding you back from achieving your next set of milestones?

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