Want to join a kiwi startup shaping the world we live in? 

To help us find you a perfect match, we’ll consider your skills and experience across every team we've backed. This represents >200 ventures, from individual founders seeking their first hire up to 200+ person teams scaling locally and abroad.

The startups we’ve backed are working to shape our collective futures across a spectrum of industries. To name a few; Halter is transforming livestock well-being and farm efficiency, Ethique is ridding the world's oceans and landfills of plastic, Sharesies is making investing accessible for everyday people, Learn Coach is delivering world-class education online, and Avertana is pioneering complex engineering to extract valuable chemicals from waste.

While diverse in mission, field of technology, and stage of development, the startups we back have similarities. They share ambitions to leave a lasting mark on the world, are established in NZ or by kiwis abroad, and have raised external investment to realise their ambitions. If they’re to achieve their visions, they need to attract world class teams and that’s where we hope you come in.

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